Hayward Pool Heater Ignition Failure

When your Hayward pool heater suffers ignition failure, you have to determine its cause before you determine its repair method. You can troubleshoot your pool heater yourself, or call a technician if you cannot determine the cause of the ignition failure. You should check the Hayward h400fdn manual before you can troubleshoot so you can be familiar with where each part is located and how they function.

Hayward Pool Heater Ignition Failure

Troubleshooting a pool heater ignition

As a user, a simple troubleshooting procedure lets you troubleshoot your system to diagnose whatever cause of your ignition malfunction. To troubleshoot your heater,

Readjust the electrical circuit of the heater and filter system by putting the breaker on or off. The breaker is located within the sub-panel of the pool’s equipment enclosure. If needed, put on the filter and check each of the breakers to identify which one powers the pool and puts the filter off.

Select the mode on the control panel of the heater to set the system on standby. Hold and press the down and up button simultaneously until the digital display flash and indicator light flashes constantly.

Note which of the ignition error codes is displayed on the digital display to know the heater’s problem. If the display shows an IF error code, there’s an issue with the heater ignition system, which you can fix if you have any knowledge of the system or call a technician. Once you have detected the issue, it’s time to go about repairing the system.

How to resolve the issue of pool heater ignition failure

Clean your filter and tune the thermostat higher then try your heater once more. The reason for cleaning the filter is that a dirty filter causes low pressure and when the pressure from the filter is low, the pressure switch shuts off the heater.

Before proceeding, ensure that the shut-off valve is open and supplying fuel to the heater. If you use an electric system, ensure that the electrical connections are tight and there is no corrosion at its terminal, ensure the electrical connections are tight and no corrosion at its terminal.

If this method doesn’t work, check your heater transformer to see if it’s working accurately. Do this by attaching a voltmeter lead to one terminal on the transformer. Carry the other lead and touch the other terminal to get a reading. If the reading is between 20 and 28 volt that means your transformer works perfectly.  

If it’s lower than those values, there’s a problem with the transformer or the voltage supply that’s causing the ignition to fail.  Put the lead from the voltmeter on the floor or the normal terminal on your transformer. Also, check all the circuits of the heater starting from the safety fuse to the high limit switch then the pressure switch. If the meter shows a voltage reading these arts are fine and need no replacement but if they do not, replace them.

If you cannot figure out the ignition failure cause after checking the Hayward h400fdn manual, then contact a technician.


The main cause of your pool’s heater ignition failure is an insufficient gas supply which would lead to the heater LED displaying a fault code of IF. Undetected gas supply issues If not correctly checked, undetected gas supply issues can lead to the servicing or replacement of the Hayward pool heater.

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