Happy Bottom Pool Pad

When you’re replacing your pool liner, you can get all you need at a pool or spa store. While replacing your liner, to make it padded and strong to avoid punctures while providing a soft landing for the pool users, you need to use a happy bottom pool pad.

Happy Bottom Pool Pad

What is happy bottom pool padding?

A happy bottom pool pad is a swimming pool made out of foam used mainly in above ground swimming pool use. The ¼ inch thick product is high-quality polythene foam.  You can achieve a lot when you use this pool padding such as

  • Smoothing feeling: the happy bottom pool padding offers users this smooth feeling under the foot when installed in the pool. It also makes the bottom of the pool flat and quite attractive.
  • Reduces puncture: the happy bottom pool padding help ensures that your pool liner is not punctured easily
  • Vapor barrier: acts as a barrier to remove water from the pool metal part which corrodes easily.
  • Longer liner life span:  the pad help make the pool and pool liner last longer than its life span
  • Heat retention: lastly it helps the pool retain some amount of heat.

How to set up a happy bottom pool padding

To install the pool padding, follow these steps

  • Follow the installation guide of the swimming pool and clear the area. Remove all sticks, stones, rocks, or other materials that can cause damage to your pool. You can use a tamping tool or sod roller to ensure that you obtain a firm, smooth, and level surface.
  • Cut the happy bottom padding into two. If possible two feet more than your pool. Note that the number of parts depends on the size of the pool.
  • Place the cutout part close to each other on a neat surface such as garage or driveway
  • Seam the cutout pieces together using seam tape. Make sure the foam is paired strongly. Apply the tape to each side of the pieces.
  • Place the joint pieces on the spot where you want to install your pool
  • Assemble the pool on the foam using the instruction manual
  • Set up the pool cove using the manufacturer’s manual
  • Cut the excess foam after setting up your swimming pool


The pool padding is very effective in shielding your pool from puncture and water. It is quite easy to set up. Try installing it using the following steps above.

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