The Best Small Hot Tub

What is the best small hot tub on the market? That’s what we wanted to find out. To do that we’ve searched high and low and found 6 brilliant small hot tubs and also answered some FAQs. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know the best small hot tub for you.

Product Reviews

1. Home and Garden Spas Hudson Bay Spas 1 Person 19 Jet

[su_simply asin=”B01KWSXE8Y” imgid=”61ZdaoMN72L”]

Home and Garden is a respected brand in the industry and you expect high-quality from them. This model is excellent and has styling that you’d typically expect from a bathtub, but with a lot more features. The shape allows you to lie down in total comfort. 

There are 19 powerful jets here that are going to give you the ultimate relaxing experience. The control panel is very simple to use to customize those jets and the overall build quality is superb. It all adds up to the perfect one-person solution and will allow you to get the spa experience you’re looking for. 


  • 19 powerful jets
  • Bathtub styling
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Solid build quality


  • Low efficiency

2. QCA Spas Model 0 Gemini Plug and Play Hot Tub

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QCA Spas has been able to make this beautifully elongated small hot tub which is great for one person to lie in and stretch out but also provides more than enough space for two. It has a beautiful exterior and would be able to complement any space.

The way that it’s designed makes it very simple to maintain which can be an issue with many hot tubs, this is extremely easy to use. It retains its heat very well and has a high level of overall quality. The customer service isn’t the best but hopefully, you won’t need them.


  • Beautiful exterior
  • Simple to maintain
  • Can comfortable sit two people
  • Retains heat


  • Poor customer service

3. QCA Spas Model 0H SM Sirius 2-Person Oval Spa

[su_simply asin=”B00K71Y7E2″ imgid=”71-2sMkpEuL”]

Here’s another great model form QCA Spas which is similar in design but with a few subtle differences. It has that think profile which makes it very easy to have a relaxing soak. It’s also made from high-quality materials that are going to stand the test of time. 

The instructions aren’t the clearest which is a little frustrating but thankfully it’s quite easy to set-up. The jets it uses are powerful and will be able to give you an excellent massage. Another great feature is the brilliant LED lighting which looks fantastic. 


  • Thin profile
  • High-quality materials
  • Powerful massaging jets
  • Beautiful lighting


  • Poor instructions

4. Home and Garden Spas Hudson Bay 3 Person 14 Jet Spa

[su_simply asin=”B01L1AO2RO” imgid=”51Gc0dmRaKL”]

If you’re looking for a small hot tub but still want to be able to fit three people then this could be a perfect choice. It has a corner design that may not be suitable for everyone but it makes great use of space.

Mood lighting is available in seven different colors which allow you to provide the perfect setting. The jets are highly therapeutic and give you an immersive experience. The tub can take a while to heat up but once it does, you’ll fall in love with the experience.


  • Corner design
  • 7 color mood lighting
  • Therapeutic jets
  • Immense durability


  • Can take a while to heat up

5. American Spas 2-Person 28-Jet Triangle Spa

[su_simply asin=”B00KYB1CBQ” imgid=”71YUiNPnOHL”]

If you wanted to have a huge range of jets then look no further. American Spas have been able to make this excellent design that gives you 28 high-quality stainless steel jets. It’s another corner unit and one which has two brilliant seating options.

There are also three color options and you’re sure to find something that is perfect for you. Once you get your hot tub you’ll find that it’s not only easy to install but also easy to maintain. It does have powerful heaters but you’ll find yourself needing to use them quite often as insulation is minimal.


  • 3 great color options
  • 28 stainless steel jets
  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • Powerful heaters


  • Minimal insulation

6. AquaRest Spas AR-300 2 Person 14 SS Jets with Easy Plug and Play

[su_simply asin=”B01E06UBOE” imgid=”81qEB47VB2L”]

AquaRest has been able to make a hot tub which has a fairly small footprint but is quite deep, allowing you to bathe in plenty of water. It offers up two great seats with a range of jets behind each of them to give you the hot tub experience you’re looking for.

One feature that lets this down a little is the low-quality cover but that’s not a huge issue. The design is highly stylish and you’ll be happy to show this off, wherever it is. One great feature, however, is the LED waterfall which is a beautiful addition


  • Simple controls
  • Stylish design
  • LED waterfall
  • Plug-in and play


  • Low-quality cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much is a Small Hot Tub?

A: The price of a small hot tub is going to depend on a number of different features and you also get some which have a one-person capacity and others that can sit up to three people. In light of this, a high-quality small hot tub can range from anywhere between $2,500 – $6,000. 

Q: How Many Gallons in a Small Hot Tub?

A: There is no definition of ‘small’ when it comes to a hot tub. We’ve carefully chosen six here which are compact and high-quality. They are around 200-300 gallons whereas a large hot tub could be 600 or more. This smaller size means that it doesn’t take as long to heat up and you aren’t spending quite as much on your heating.


If you’re looking for the best small hot tub then we have six brilliant options here. The best one for you will depend on just how small you need it to be and what features you need. Just want to relax on your own? Just you and your partner? The best small hot tub for you is one that has immense quality but also has the features you need. 

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