What Exactly is a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind Groups for Bloggers - How to Grow your Blog and Increase your Reach through Mastermind GroupsAfter the “Mastermind Groups for Bloggers” series introduction yesterday, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “This sounds great and all, but what exactly is a “Mastermind Group”?

Today, I’m going to talk about that very thing. In this post, I will give you an overview of what a mastermind group actually is. In coming posts, I will go into more detail about the ins and outs of being in a mastermind group (how to go about starting one, how and when to connect with each other, ideas for things that you can do together, how to get the most out of your participation in the group, etc.).

What is a Mastermind Group?

First, a Technical Definition:

Mastermind Group  \ˈmas-tər-ˌmīnd    ˈgrüp\

A small group of people that connect for the purpose of reinforcing growth and success while offering  support to one another.

(definition revised from this source)

Mastermind groups offer a place for like-minded bloggers to brainstorm, receive education and insight from others, share resources, collaborate on projects, set goals, and have accountability. A mastermind group helps it’s members achieve success.

Now, a More Personal Definition:

(from my own experience)

A mastermind group is there to share and celebrate in each others wins. They are also there to encourage and troubleshoot when the wins just aren’t happening.

They support and encourage one another, and offer honest feedback on ideas. They save you from your dumb ideas, and help you execute your brilliant ones.

They bring you back down to earth when you need it, and lift you up when you need that too.

They encourage each member in their individual strengths, and give each other confidence that is hard to come by otherwise.

A mastermind group collaborates on projects together. They promote one another, and always have each others backs. It is a give and take environment, but there is usually always more giving than taking.

Everyone in the group usually has different talents and strengths. Where one person lacks, another excels. They complement each other beautifully. When one person needs help in a certain area, there is usually always someone who can assist.

Mastermind groups offer wisdom to one another. If they’re brave, they tell it like it is. It may hurt for a bit, but you’ll be better for it in the end. Mastermind groups speak truth into one another.

If you’re really lucky, beautiful friendships will form. Friendships that you couldn’t imagine your life without. Friendships that very well may last a lifetime.

As Trina Holden said in the comments of yesterday’s post, mastermind groups are “awesomesauce.” For me, I think that pretty much sums it up.

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